Mr. & Mrs. B’s Couples Boudoir – Colorado Springs, CO!

This session was really amazing to photograph!  I was so happy to be contacted by Mrs. B, who booked this session for her and her husbands 16th wedding anniversary.   They had wonderful ideas and inspirations for this session and I was thrilled to work with them on completing their vision for this steamy shoot.  It was such a gift witnessing their connection and love and I am so elated to be able to share some of their anonymous images!

If you would like to book a session or have any questions, please email Janelle@vitaboudoir.com


DSC_2349S&T-Couples_2015-copy DSC_2443S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2415S&T-Couples_2015-copybw DSC_2473S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2489S&T-Couples_2015bw DSC_2612S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2614S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2651S&T-Couples_2015-copybw DSC_2667S&T-Couples_2015-copy DSC_2635S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2744S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2753S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2823S&T-Couples_2015 DSC_2974S&T-Couples_2015-copy-copy DSC_2936S&T-Couples_2015-copybw DSC_2869S&T-Couples_2015-copybw DSC_2957S&T-Couples_2015-copybw DSC_3030S&T-Couples_2015-copylogo


Hope to see you in the studio

xo Janelle