Mrs. K’s Boudoir – Colorado Springs, CO

I was ecstatic when Mrs. K reached out to me to book her 2nd session.  She was one of my first clients when I moved from Texas to Colorado, and I was so nervous about the transition and if I would be able to keep booking like I had been where I started my photography business.  I was so lucky that Colorado welcomed me with open arms, where I’ve been ever since.

Catching up with Mrs. K was just like talking to an old friend I hadn’t seen in years.  She was so excited for her 2nd session and loved that my work had grown so much from the 1st time she saw me.  I loved her colorful outfits, they really pop off the screen and capture Mrs. K’s fun and vibrant personality ❤

After her session she posted this, which completely shows why boudoir photography is so important,

“I kept going back and forth on if I should share these photos with anyone but my amazing husband who is the best thing in my life.  The more I thought about it the more proud I felt about these pictures.  I have given birth to 3 beautiful girls, struggled with my weight my whole life, live with depression, anxiety, and self doubt.  I felt that is more of a reason to show that you can feel sexy, self confident, and proud of who you are as a mom, wide and daughter of GOD regardless of what others might say or what you might think of yourself.  You are strong enough and beautiful even if you stay in your pj’s all day!!”

and to that I say, “Never apologize for being a powerful fucking woman!”

If you would like to book a session email – WWW.VITABOUDOIR.COM

(Click to enlarge images)

Hope to see you in the studio!

XO Janelle


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