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My Name is Janelle and I am a Premier Boudoir Photographer in Colorado Springs, CO & surrounding areas!   I also love to shoot couples, maternity Boudoir, glamor and Pin up!  Email me with any questions or to book your session today at Janelle@vitaboudoir.com.

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I think this session is the only way to end today’s blogs because its epic and going to be one of my favorite sessions forever.   This is what happens when you take 1 stuck photographer, desperate for new, creative energy, and 2 of your favorite muses out on a road trip to the middle of a desert in Colorado.  It was pure chaos & pure magic.

J & G were so amazing, and they posed through insane wind, sunburn, sand rash, people walking through out shots, lots of walking and so much direct sunlight that they win the Vita Boudoir award for shooting in the harshest conditions, but getting some of the best shots of my career.  I owe all this magic to them ❤

I’ll be planning Sand Dune sessions again next year super early around May so if this is something you want to do reach out to me at the end of Winter/Early Spring 🙂

If you would like to book a session email Janelle@vitaboudoir.com – WWW.VITABOUDOIR.COM

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Hope to see you out of the studio 😉

XO Janelle